About Elevation Security

Elevation Security provides unmatched services that exceed your needs.


Elevation Security is a Veteran operated business currently serving Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada (all statewide). Our security guards provide unmatched service for whatever your needs require! Elevation Security is fully licensed in all states and local municipalities we operate in. 

Elevation Security is the market leader in our ability to offer your organization effective security solutions while staying within your budget. There are several differentiators that make Elevation Security stand out among other companies, including the fact that:

  • Healthy communication between Elevation Security Regional Manager and client point of contact. 
  • “Right Fit” every property with a guard that is groomed for success at your site. 
  • Dispatch Center 24 hours, 7 days/week, and 365 days/year.
  • We require initial and ongoing training for our team of Security Guards.

Our Regional Managers make every effort to ensure that every guard we employ is punctual, attentive to details and well groomed during his or her shift. At the end of each shift, a highly detailed Daily Activity Report (DAR) is filed by the Security Guard and sent via our online cloud based security reporting system.