Elevation Security: Fire Watch Patrol Scenarios

Fire is something most everyone is aware of but few rarely take time to fully consider the dangers, results, outcomes, and futures from being the victim of one until it’s too late. While it may be true that many homeowners do take these things into consideration when purchasing homeowners insurance, there are plenty of other valuable steps people can implement in order to remain protected. Installing smoke alarms into a home and creating an evacuation plan are two measures which can significantly increase the odds of a quick reaction in the event of a house fire. These same actions can also help to protect your business and both structures can also benefit from fire watch patrol services.

Typically implemented throughout housing developments, business parks, malls, and other areas where security is often present, fire watch patrols can be especially helpful. The causes of house fires are aplenty but surveying areas to watch for potential hazards, clear escape routes, and specifically look for flames themselves, these watches can be really beneficial in a variety of different residential and business scenarios. 

Power Failure

Should the power go out in an area where there is public access, workers present, or other potential dangers, then it is likely many of the alarm features associated with these places will also cease to function. Being without power should immediately put individuals on fire patrol, who can help to alert authorities in the event of any noticeable dangers.

High Risk

High risk areas, such as warehouses with dangerous storage and other such places should have fire watch patrols monitoring situations coupled with alarm systems at all times. These individuals can help to locate potential fire hazards and ensure the safest possible environment for all present.

Special Events

Certain special events - public gatherings, concerts, and especially fireworks, may also require the use of fire watch patrol services. During fireworks displays specifically, the potential for an errant explosion and possible brush or ground fire are elevated but having a constant watch on the surrounding areas can help keep everyone safe.

Alarm System Malfunction
Homeowners are encouraged to check their smoke detector batteries at least twice a year, and alarm systems should also be periodically monitored to ensure they are functioning properly. If any defects are noticed, then fire watch patrol should begin and continue until these issues are rectified.

The professionally trained experts at Elevation Security are ready and willing to assist if you need help administering fire watch patrol services in Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, or Nevada. In addition to providing quality protection, their group can also track and create the absolute best security plan for you with over four states of coverage and multiple years of experience. If you have questions or concerns about your security needs as they relate to your company, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Available for all different lines of work, there are also a number of other security details available to assist you and your business. We look forward to meeting you and serving whatever your needs may be soon!
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