Elevation Security: HOA Safety Benefits

Depending on where you live, the concept of an HOA (HomeOwners Association) may be a controversial topic. In certain areas, these organizations are the norm and many residents thoroughly enjoy the multiple benefits of their existence. However, in other places the idea of an HOA only warrants thoughts of added fees and expenses required to simply live within a certain area. Regardless of your personal beliefs about these particular associations, understanding the benefits of having a security detail within your neighborhood should be easily agreed upon.

Property crime and theft rank at the top for crimes committed in suburban areas across the United States. Two instances which directly relate to the properties owned and being able to combat these specific actions can be especially beneficial. In addition to the multiple benefits of having a security detail assigned to your HOA, these individuals can also allow residents to have peace of mind about their homes and property. 

Crime Prevention

One of the biggest impacts of having security for your HOA is the ability to prevent crimes from occuring. Having an established presence and by being visible throughout the entire community, homeowners and those who visit will all know and appreciate the added element of security and protection.

Traffic and Parking Regulation

In addition to crime prevention, security details in an HOA can also assist with traffic flow, patterns, and any parking regulations needing to be enforced. Depending on the time of day, day of the week, and a handful of other scenarios, these set parameters may require modification and an established security presence can help.

Local Law Notice

The implementation of specific parameters may be subject to homeowners within any particular HOA. Having “laws” for front porch furniture, cars/trucks in the driveway, house color or accents, and any other situation may be difficult to enforce, but providing constant checks via a security team can aid in keeping homeowners accountable.

Access Control

Depending on the specific location of your HOA, it may be that access can be restricted. For some, the use of a guard house or entrance checkpoint may also be applicable. By utilizing a security firm to house and operate these entryways, not only will the community become familiar with those protecting them, but it also allows all residents to feel safer knowing they won’t be subject to visits from any unexpected guests.

The professionally trained experts at Elevation Security are ready and willing to assist if you need help administering security for an HOA in Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, or Nevada. In addition to providing quality protection, their group can also track and create the absolute best security plan for you with over four states of coverage and multiple years of experience. If you have questions or concerns about your security needs as they relate to your company, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Available for all different lines of work, there are also a number of other security details available to assist you and your business. We look forward to meeting you and serving whatever your needs may be soon!
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